Spiritual Awakening Woes

People that have experienced fear, sadness, anger, stress and other things sometimes wonder if a spiritual awakening can go wrong.  They want their life to move forward but they have a lot of force from their heart, mind and physical being.  There is realization that things do not always clear, and that life can be strong and hard, but things do go wrong.


When you think about the two truths, higher truth and truth in your life, you can find that higher truth is love and that nothing can go wrong.  With this kind of love, things unfold at the right time and this means that you have the ability to connect deeply and to do good things.  Evil will pass from you and the truth is, not spiritual awakening will ever go wrong.  Nothing can be judged or changed but when our hearts are not aligned with our spirit, it is when things go wrong.

Truth in the physical sense is when things happen that are good and things that are bad.  Even though this happens, things are okay.  People will experience suffering and pain and even small things that cause us to know that things are not right.  Higher truth is a way that things can push past the suffering and the pain.

Pain and Understanding

Spiritual awakenings that can go wrong is something that is a misconception.  An awakening happens and things are full of light.  Nothing can go wrong in light and when people have a lot of pain and strong emotions, they just feel that things are going wrong.

The truth in the physical being shows that things are going wrong and you want to know how you can make a safe space.  How will you have different attitudes and stop your ego from holding on to what you are saying and what you are desiring.

Spirituality leaves nothing out of your life and even if you feel bad, you have opened yourself up to things and your life is experiencing things that are new and old.  When you embrace these things and let them go then you can see that things don’t go wrong.

Causes of Concern

There are some things that show that people need outside help and need help letting things go.  When you are stuck on some ideas, you will see that since these ideas are stuck that you have a hard time living in reality.  Here are some reasons to be concerned:

  • If you are extremely tired, this can cause you to have a spiritual awakening that leaves you feeling tired and full of drama.
  • If you are feeling an emotional shutdown then you need to realize that your ego might be broken, and you need to put it back together. This means you are possibly lost, and these feelings can leave you wanting to die.
  • Rage or violence is something that can cause you to feel that your energies need to be released and that your issues need to be solved. These can be karmic issues and issues that are not seen.  You need help when you have these feelings.

Unanswered Question

If you have questions that are unanswered in your spiritual awakening, then things can go wrong but know that everyone goes through this.  Some people will have an awakening that leads to despair only because they have built up things in their life that they have suppressed and now they have to fix them.  Most of the time this comes with self-hatred.

Getting deeper truth allows people to have good experiences and they can avoid an awakening without digging up these things from the past.

No one will have the same awakening and each one can be intense depending on the person.  If you have strong integrity it means that you will do what is right in life no matter where it leads you.

Letting Go

When you are playing a game with your ego, you need to learn to have an awakening that focuses on the kindness of others and you might have to retrain yourself to learn to let go of your pain and your strong feelings.  When people ask about your awakening, things can go wrong but this has to do with the pain and with things internally.


Yoga and other good things can bring pain and pain can be good or bad.  Good pain is when things are uncomfortable, but you are focusing on getting better.   You might feel bad for a while and then decide that you are healing.  There can be damage that is hard and uncomfortable to work through, but this is not permanent harm, it is just for a season.

Bad pain iso pain that never heals or pain that you take with you for a long time.


If you don’t make a place for your awakening to happen, chances are you will have pain and you will have places that cause you to never be able to heal.  You have to learn that you will not get stuck and whatever is holding you back are just blocks that will stay in place unless you allow your awakening in to happen.

It can be hard for you to be forced into this awakening but if you have chosen this experience then you will know that your awakening is meant for you.  Trust yourself and remember that there is help if needed.