Making a Connection with Your Spirit Guides

If you are a psychic or a medium and you want to develop your gifts, it is important that you know and understand the idea of connecting with the spirit guide and the spirit world. If you are confused about meditation and your spiritual being, you can find ways to connect with your guides and to communicate with them so that you can be clear and increase your abilities.

What are Guides?

Spirit guides are there to help you and they are from the spirit world. Everyone has a guide but not everyone knows that they are there. These are not beings, but they are there to travel alongside you as you go through the earth.

The guides are here to help you and to help you change your life and to reach your higher being. As you make your journey, your guides are there to give you advice, to comfort you and to help you to make good choices. They are not there to decide things for you, just to give you information so that you can make better choices.

These are spirits that are concerned with you and your happiness and goodness and want nothing in return. These spirits can be from your loved ones that have passed on or a guide that was in your life some how or another. They are different with angels and guardian angels and they are made of energy and do not have substance of themselves.

A spirit guide is there to help you when your intuition is not working. The guide knows what is always going on in your life and they are there to work on your behalf. They might come as a male or female, but they are not either of those, they just do this so that they can show you who they are.

Kinds of Guides

You will have different kinds of guides and some of them will be your best friends. Your best friend guide will be the one that you spend most of your time with and they will be there to lead you and guide you. They will comfort you and help you to laugh when you are sad.

This is a guide that will be like a friend to you and when things go wrong and you are being hard on yourself, your guide will be there to give you patience and to help you to live a happy life. They understand you and know what you are going through.

If you need balance in your life or you are confused at what you should do or shouldn’t do, your guide will be there, and they will be your friend. They will help you if you are sad and they will help you through all of your situations.


The guardian guide is there to keep you safe and to caution you when something isn’t right. They will protect you and help you to know when you shouldn’t go into a situation. If you feel them talking to you, listen.

Wisdom Guide

A wisdom guide is going to guide you and teach you. They might come as the form of an old man or lady and they might be the first thing that you trust. They will be there to help you through your schooling and your education and will guide you and teach you.

Body Guide

We only have one body, and your body guide is there to make sure that you keep your body healthy and strong. They will tell you to exercise and to move your body and to eat healthy foods.

Short Term Guide

You will have some guides that come, and they are only there for a short while. They are there to help you and to work through things with you for a short term. They will eventually leave you.

Communicating with Your Guides

Spirit guides will talk to you in different ways and through your thoughts. They will give you messages and wills how you sign. Sometimes you can get a message from them that is strong and directed right at you.

When you talk to your guide, know that you are connected with them and that they want to have a relationship with you. They are there to help you and to love you and you should always commit some of your time to them.

The more attention that you give your guide, the better your relationship will be. You can contact them by finding somewhere that is quiet and meditate. Ask them to come to you and meet you.

Ask your guides to contact you and to show you a sign. Once you have invited them, wait for them to communicate back with you. You have to have a high vibrational frequency to be able to communicate with your guide and to hear them and this can come naturally for you.

If you want to know your guide’s name, ask them when you are meditating. When a name comes in mind that you are not aware of, this could be your guide’s name.


There are many kinds of guides that are there to help you, but they will not make decisions for you. They are there to help you to make good choices and you will know deep inside that they are there and that they are leading you.

The spirit guides will show you what you should do but if you choose not to obey them then they are not going to be pushy. If you are worried about making a decision, dig deep and ask your guides to give you a clear mind.

The goal in your life is to reach your higher self and the choices that you make need to help you to reach this goal. This is not always meant to help others reach their goals so keep that in mind when you talk to your guides.