Stop Attracting Negative Feelings Today

Spiritual writing often discusses universal “truth” as something we receive in return based on, we “put out” to the universe.  Often this is described as “karma,” or the law of attraction or the Law of Echo.  The energy we received is based on what energy we emit.

Someone who complains, criticizes, and consistently find fault will attract similar negativity into their life.  This is because energy interacts on a similar frequency.  People who constantly complain gather with other complainers.  If you start the day complaining, you will naturally find additional things throughout the day that irk you.

Understanding mirror neurons

The human brain contains “mirror neurons” that reflect neural impulses based on what impulses they receive.  If a brain is subjected to negative stimuli like sarcasm or criticism, their brain cells will reflect back those signals.  No wonder emotions are so contagious!

Notice how you feel about being around someone who constantly points out faults or flaws, as supposed to how you feel with someone always in a good mood.  You no doubt feel energized after being around a social butterfly and will enjoy engaging with people throughout the day!


Surround yourself with positive people as much as possible.  Choose to be a light of hope rather than a critic.  By shining rays of love, hope, and caring you can be an agent of societal improvement.  If you are noticing an important relationship is suffering, take the lead and realize that negative outbursts can be a cry for help.  Work to reinforce positivity and affirmations to this individual as an act of love.  Be giving love, you can more easily receive love.