Read Anyone with Your Intuition Today

Harness your sixth sense and learn to read people by simply using your intuition.  This gift can help you determine is someone is trustworthy, friendly or about to take advantage of you.  From interacting with a lover, family member, coworker or stranger, reading people is valuable skill.

Isn’t this Judging?

No!  Judging involves subjective thinking that forms a quick conclusion that might not be based on solid facts.  Reading is a objective snapshot that sees things as they appear in a particular moment.

Body language is important

Observing body language might be easy or difficult for a person.  In fact, we often are unaware of how we perceive subtle shifts in glance or posture, and how it shapes our view of a situation.  Paying attention to a person’s body language is frequently your first impression of them.  Don’t try to analyze what you see, simple observe.  Here are some easy clues to notice:

  • Posture: This can tell us if we believe the person to be confident or meek by how they stand and move.  Observe if shifts seem deliberate, hesitant, purposeful, or reactive.
  • Eyes: They truly can be the window into one’s soul.  How do you perceive their gaze?  Do they fixate their attention on you or do they glance around?  When they look at you how do you feel, and when might this feel change into something more unsettling?
  • Leaning: What direction they lean can indict interest and friendliness, or hesitation and suspicion.  Notice if your lean tries to close or increase distance between you.
  • Smile: Does the smile feel natural or forced? Is it steady, indicting pleasure or flitting that can convey distraction or tension?

Keep in mind that people who lack confidence can attract attention due to others seeking to make this individual feel more welcomed.  Signs of a person lacking confidence include biting nails or lip, twirling hair or far off gazes.

Importance of intuition

After noticing a person’s body language, you might have an interaction with them.  If you do, pay attention to what your intuition is telling you.  With practice you can have a conversation with anyone while still honoring your “gut reactions.”

  • Do you feel comfortable or uneasy?
  • Do you get a physical response (hair on neck standing up) or an emotional response (butterflies in stomach)?
  • Do you feel like you have previously met before?
  • Can you sense how they might be feeling emotionally?
  • Do get any sense of “knowing” during an interaction with them?

Vibrations or auras

In addition to intuitive senses previously listed, we can also read a person based off of the energy that surrounds them.  This is a skill that requires time to develop or strengthen.  Every living being has an external energy field which can be perceived by a person as positive (desire to engage more), or negative (like a force field).  During a reading notice if you can sense this person’s energy field.

Begin by listening to them talk, or notice how you feel when you approach them.  Work to keep a clear mind and feel how your energies comingle.  Does it feel inviting or threatening?  Can you tell if the person is experiencing a similar reaction based on their intuition?

One’s vibrations is also impacted by their energy, yet it this phenomenon can be dimmed in the physical sense based on one’s words or expression.  People with low vibrations typically aren’t animated and lack enthusiasm.  People with higher vibration enjoy more engagement, interesting and dynamic conversation.  Their eyes may sparkle and have a radiant smile.

Trusting your intuition

Western society can dismiss intuition.  We are taught to be polite and provide people ample personal space.  We are conditioned to accept people at face value, which dismisses the importance of intuition and insight.  By recognizing when you are acting based on conditioning rather than intuition you can retrain your psychic mind.  Intuition provides a vital filter to your conscious mind instantaneously.  By honing its potential, you will more effectively discern a person’s true situation and motives.

How to use this data

As you start to read people via intuition it’s best to merely observe, listen and learn.  Journal your initial thoughts and revisit these notes as you two interact more to see the accuracy of your insights.  As you train yourself and become more aware of subtle clues, you can put your talents to more effective use.  Learn to mirror a person’s body language to disarm, calm and charm them.  Relax your speech patterns and volume.  Practice calm and steady movements and breath.

Properly interpreting signs can safeguard you.  Your intuition will instantly alert you to any potential danger.  Let the discomfort shepherd you away from the situation as quickly as possible.  If a person is trying to manipulate your thoughts, you will notice it in their eye and body movements.  Sure, words may sound kind or loving, but their energy will make you feel apprehensive.  Paying attention to these signals empowers you to gain a better perspective of each person you encounter.  You will always be learning how to refine this process and your gift.  At times your insights will be spot-on; other times you might miss the mark.  But listen to your intuition, it is always working for your growth and betterment.