Using Numerology to Pick Baby Names

Your name is one of the most important things that you have. When a new parent has a baby, they give their child a name that will last with them for as long as they live.

Parents that love their children want to give them a name that they can be proud of and they love to hear and say. They want their child to be special and they want to name them based on personalities that their child has or that they hope they have in the future. Numerology is something that you can use to name your child.

Having a strong name can help your child have good qualities in their life.

What is a Name?

Names can be prophetic and much of this happened during Ancient Roman times. Some believe that names are so powerful that they can determine how the person will live their life in the future. Your name is a sign and it can affect how your destiny comes into play.

Names mean different things and sometimes they mean different things depending on the language the name is said in. Names are significant and have strong meanings and many of them are based on numbers.

Numerology and Naming

Numerology is studying numbers and when you realize that there is a relationship between numbers and names, you will see that things are important to the universe, even names and that the universe plays a role in a person’s destiny.

Numerology charts are based on the Pythagorean system. Pythagoras was a philosopher from Greece that believed that things could all be determined by numbers. Even some letters and numbers go hand in hand and the numbers are put in a chart and the letters fall in that cycle.

There are three numbers that can be associated with a name which are Personality Numbers, Soul Urge Numbers and Destiny Numbers:

  • A personality numbers is a number that comes from the consonants in your name.
  • The Soul Urge numbers are numbers that come from the vowels.
  • The Destiny numbers are calculated by the letters of your first, middle and last name.

Solutions and Meanings

Adding up the numbers in a name will bring the name to a total number. The number can be a master number and then it can be broken down. Names have different numbers and the numbers and names play a role in what destiny that person has.

Here are some things associated with the numbers:

1-Self-confident and independent.

2-Considerate and a healer.

3-Happy and a good communicator.

4-Determined and reliable.

5-Fun, playful and imaginative.

6-Balanced and loving.

7-Smart, good at research.

8-Grounded and powerful.

9-Creative and selfless

There are some three-digit numbers that will not break down and these are your destiny numbers. These are 11, 22 and 33. These are also known as Master Numbers and they have many traits such as:

11-Creative, smart, strong intuition and leadership skills.

22-Self-disciplined, strong, idealistic, practical.

33-Nurturing, teaching, kind, loving, giving.

Your Numerology Chart

Your birthdate and your DNA are all numbers and are all part of the name you were given when you were born. If you change your energy and your karmic ideas, your name can be changed but that will affect the value of your life and your destiny.

You need to try to keep your original name because numerology is a deep things and it will follow you no matter what happens with your name.