How to Understand Divine Appointments

We often underestimate the importance of various events in our lives. We consider them random and that includes meeting people. However, those who understand how God works in the universe know that nothing is random. Every person you meet has a purpose for meeting you, even though neither may be aware of it it.

There are several types of people you will meet and each will serve a different purpose.

People who fulfill a need or task. There are times when God or the universe has a task for us to do and we are feeling daunted by it. Then, suddenly, we meet someone who “just happens” to be able to fulfill a need in that task we were worried about.

An example would be you writing a book without a publisher, then suddenly meeting a publisher at a party who is intrigued by it.

People who stop us. While these interactions may be unpleasant, there are times we meet those who disrupt our plans. These people seemingly create roadblocks for you. This is not a bad thing as sometimes you need to wait before moving forward. These rather unpleasant people also teach us lessons, although they are lessons learned the hard way.

You will meet those who help you get back to your dream. These are usually temporary relationships as their sole purpose is to get you back on track. Yet, these relationships can be some of the most meaningful because they helped you rediscover your path.

Some people you meet are there to teach you. This goes beyond those in the teaching profession but includes those in everyday life. A movie example of this is “The Karate Kid” where neighbors meet and the older man teaches the young boy about life.

Some people meet briefly only once but do or say something that adds to your life. The guy that volunteers to pay for your soda at the checkout line or the woman who helps an older man put groceries in the car or two men who help lift another in a wheelchair up to a building without access. While these moments are brief, the impressions they make can last a lifetime.

Lasting friendships and close family ties are not by chance either. They are all put into our lives for the ultimate purpose of making us better people. Even though some can be trying, the purpose remains the same.

While many people search for the major miracle or the huge spiritual experience, the truth is these everyday meetings are miracles of themselves because all are divinely appointed.