Have You Found Your Twin Flame?

We all have relationships that nurture, challenge, and cheerlead us toward evolution and growth. This is because we each come to existence with a soul group which are a group of souls that have agreed to help us on our earthly lessons as we make mistakes and release karmic debt in our life journey. Soul mates can be friends, family members, bosses, co-workers and much more. We all have soulmates or soul friends that come and go in life and even though at times this is difficult, it is all about helping us on our personal growth. We can probably already name many of these people in life.

Twin Flame Explained

The twin flame relationship is different. It is powerful, deeper, and something not all of us will get to experience. As a species, humans are evolving and changing the purpose of relationships. Once getting together and staying together to procreate and find safety together for survival, now we move toward spiritually based relationships that foster faster soul growth. This allows more twin flames to find each other, but not necessarily because they are looking.

Twin flames, sometimes referred to as twin souls, are believed to be two separate parts of one soul that has split to incarnate into Earth in order to grow, learn, and experience duality. The parts of the soul rarely incarnate at the same time because one stayed behind to help the other to become a separate identity. When these souls are able to reunite, they form a fulfilling, ultimate relationship. Every other relationship in life is practice for this. Twin soul relationships are between a male and female energy from the same split soul, but the actual people do not have to be make and female as twin souls have no race, gender, or age barrier. The purpose of such a relationship is to help us be able to face ourselves.

Signs of a Twin Flame

There are signs to let you know if you have met your twin flame. Chances are, you already know if you are spiritually aware. Just because you have found your twin soul does not mean it will be a harmonious relationship. In fact, many of these relationships require purging, cleansing, and energy release from the chakra system. This is not the energy of an emotional or physical attraction, but something totally different. You will recognize this extreme energy. It is believed that only graduate souls ready to do healing work on the planet find their twin souls while on Earth. Read on to learn to recognize your twin flame.

Recognizing Your Twin Flame

  • You were brought together in a divine way and timing, often in a symbolic way without looking for it.
  • They mirror back the things in life you need to address and often your life changes upon meeting them.
  • You create magnetic energy together, an unstoppable force.
  • Both psychic and intuitive senses are heightened on meeting.
  • There is often something significant or peculiar about their birthdate, even if it is not the same as yours.
  • Fights between you two can feel devastating because of the deep respect for one another.
  • You have an almost immediate bond upon meeting, like they are familiar.
  • Your skills and abilities are complementary.
  • Time apart can be unbearable because you still feel each other.
  • Though separate people, you feel complete with them.
  • Small things like hugs carry intense energy.
  • They have a life path and beliefs similar to yours.
  • Giving without expectation is a desire around them.
  • Above all, you will know this relationship is different on a deep level.
  • You know the relationship has a bigger purpose for the betterment of the planet.
  • Repeated numbers will start appearing during the growth stage, usually 1:11 or 11:11.

Honor the Attraction

Though these are not all the signs of a twin flame, but they are the biggest. However, when meeting a twin flame, one is not always ready for the other. This could be because they have fear of their own issues or because they are known as a Flame Runner. They run from the intensity of the twin relationship. The intensity can be too much for some people. If that happens, be patient and trust that you will be together when you are both ready for the clearing and cleansing that is necessary. The magnetic and repelling is common among twin flames, but the reunion will come when both are healed enough to accept it.

If you have found your twin flame, cherish it, and know it is for your spiritual growth. The relationship will change your life as you grow and expand to your highest potential. If you are still searching for your twin, start looking inward instead of outward. They will find you when you are ready, through love.