Interpreting Dreams about Your Ex

Have you recently experienced a dream about your former flame that left you laying in bed perplexed?  If you answered yes, read on before suddenly contacting them, because your dream might not have the meaning you think it does!

The Mind Craves Routine 

If your ex manifests in a “routine” dream it might just be your mind’s way of throwing in a last-minute character into your nighttime narrative.  So, if you are recently separated from this person don’t worry, your ex will disappear from your dreams as your mind establishes a new pattern.

You Desire Love

Again, you mind is drawing upon a familiar image to flush out a story.  Seeing your ex in a dream might just be a gut reaction to the fear of living the single life rather than a urge to reignite your unhealthy relationship.

Use as a Comparison

These dreams can arise unexpectedly, especially if you are new relationship or questioning its health. Analyzing a current partner with an ex can help you process what aspects are and aren’t working for you in this current union.  It can also help you understand recurring patterns you need to change.

Teaching Opportunity

If your ex in a dream is giving you feedback – listen to it!  This might be your subconscious giving your perspective on aspects you need to refine within yourself or within your new relationship.  Likewise, a judgmental message could be you processing a sense of guilt about the break-up.  Honor the messages that come across constructive rather than cruel.

Revisiting First Love

First love serves as the imprint to all subsequent loves are compared.  You can recall positives like butterflies, passion and loving banter, and also negatives like the pain and loss.  You might see your first love when you are looking to reinvigorate your current relationship or when it might be time for you to embark on finding a new special someone.

Feeling Haunted

If you were ghosted or a relationship ended suddenly, you ex might appear in a dream to give your subconscious the opportunity for closure.  Listen to what you might need to release in order to heal.  Because of this, this type of dream might repeat until you are able to process your pain.

Stress Reactions

Stress causes havoc with the mind.  During sleep stress can morph into symbol-rich dreams that can reflect either past events or representations of your present concerns.  Pay attention to the symbols and reflect on them upon waking-up as to how these dreams can currently guide you.

Lack of Sleep

During periods of exhaustion, your brain waves run amok.  This includes painting some interesting scenarios of you and your ex.  By reestablishing a healthy sleep routine, you can once again enjoy more pleasant and constant dreams.

Do You Miss Your Ex?

Sometime we dream things we wish were true.  Perhaps you are dreaming of your ex because you still have an attraction to them.  Before you rush to this judgement review the other possibilities again and see if any of them resonate with you.

Specific Dream Scenarios

Childhood Ex

Dreaming about a childhood ex may reflect you are yearning for a simpler period of your life.  You could be desiring a relationship that has more fun and less drama or the responsibilities of adulthood.  If they appear to you injured or sick, you could be holding onto some issues from your break-up.

Massage from Ex

If you are receiving a massage from your ex in your dream, it means you may need to dismantle barriers that hinder your current or future relationships.

Proposal from an Ex

Proposals signify how a relationship makes you feel fulfilled.  But dreaming about caring for a sick child with your ex means something still binds you together.  Investigate any unfinished business that you need to resolve.

Your Ex is Having a Child

Seeing your ex having a child can mean one of two things, depending on whether or not the child is yours in the dream.  If it isn’t yours, then you’ve accepted that the finality of the break-up.  Yet, if the child is yours, you may want to get back together with them, consciously or subconsciously.

Ex’s Mother

Dreaming of your ex’s mother can represent some unresolved issues from the relationship exist.  You could view their mother as being able to help you heal these lingering hurts.

Current Partner’s Ex

When you are in a relationship and visualize their ex, this signals you are navigating insecurity in your bond.  Sit down with your lover and have an open and honest discussion about issues you need to work through together.


If you have divorced your ex and they appear in a dream your subconscious could be telling you that you are repeating unhealthy behaviors in your current relationship.  It is especially telling if these actions expedited the split and will require you to take ample time to reflect.  However, if your former spouse has died in the dream, it could mean that you finally have made peace with your divorce and are now ready for new love.

Reflect and Process

After dreaming of your ex, it is important to take time to listen to the lessons of the dream.  Desire and nostalgia may feel comforting during a rocky period in your life.  However, you need to analyze what this dream is telling you before you rush to contact your ex.  Often you need to revisit the past to avoid repeating unhealthy behaviors with your current partner.  Remember, your ex is your ex for a very particular reason!