Understanding Past Life Karma

People often use the word karma to talk about something bad happening to you, but it really has lost the real meaning. Chances are that when something bad has happened in your own life or the life of others that you have blamed it on karma and then not given it much more thought afterwards.

There is a lot more to karma than just having bad luck and it is not even based on things such as fate, but it does work together with a lot of things. Karma is not something that is making your life miserable, it is something that you cannot get away from because of the laws within the universe.

Karma is more than just good and evil and when you learn to understand karma and how it works, you will see that you are experiencing so much more than just a concept.

The things we have done in our past lives can cause us to have an exchange between karma and can create both good and bad karma on your spiritual journey.

Past Life Karma

When you think of karma, you can think of a score board in the spirit world. Once you learn to do things and you learn to change and are accountable for your actions, you will have better karma.

Making a soul contract with someone means that you have to do a specific role for that person when you are incarnated in life. This might mean that you have to service someone or do something that will cause you to have to repay that person later in life.

The idea that past karma is only about judgement of your actions is wrong. Karma does judge others, but we all live life, and we are all meant to learn about things and experience new things in life. Karma isn’t something that we should try to avoid but we should make it a part of our life journey.

We all must be aware of what karma does and how it affects both our bodies and our souls. We have to make it part of our experience just like eating and breathing and how we wouldn’t exist if we didn’t do those things.

Law of Cause and Effect

Karma is part of the law of cause and effect and it is the rules of this that allow us to live and to face karma.

Cause and effect say that anything that you are experiencing in your life is something that has happened before, and the effect is what you are experiencing now because of what you have done in your past life.

If you just started a new relationship, for example, karma doesn’t have anything to do with this but if your relationship ends hard, it can be because karma is attached to it.

Twin Laws of Reincarnation

When you have past karma in your life, it can come from many different lives that you have had. This is how reincarnation works. You will always be changing and growing, and your soul will keep moving on.

If your soul is disincarnating, which means without a body, you will know what you are thinking, and you will be aware of your life. If you have a life of positivity and goodness and you have no negativity, you will be one with the creator and reach your higher self.

Reincarnation is important because when you incarnate in a new body, you forget where you came from and your past and this allows you to learn more lessons. You have to relearn how to be kind and caring and you have to face different challenges.

The problem is that earth does not guarantee anything, and you might have to live many different lives before you are able to complete your karma.

Past Life Karma Creation

There are two different kinds of karma, unintentional and intentional. This is why soul contracts are important to understand. When you enter into a soul contract, you are agreeing to deal with the consequences of karma and that is your intentional karma that you create.

Unintentional karma comes when you do things day to day and how you treat others that you aren’t in a soul contract with. In the end, this is something that you have to face, and you cannot escape it.

Positive and Negative

Not all past life karma is negative because of duality and opposites. Karma that is negative exists because there is positive karma.

If you do something, you will reap the karma that you sow rather it is negative or positive and the good karma is known as Dharma and this is how you treat others in your heart.

Bad Karma and Bad People

You have to have a perspective on how you look at karma. Sometimes knowing what kind of karma you are sowing is a good thing because it can benefit you and help you to avoid bad karma.

Resolving Karma

The planets are always vibrating because of the energy around it and so are you. You cannot pay back your karmic debts unless your vibrations are matched.

Bad Karma and Bad Luck

Bad luck can be the effect of karma, but it can also be a sign that the universe is trying to show you a different direction to go in your life. Sometimes the universe will block you from doing things that you want to do so that you can change your ways and do the right things.

Karma and Fate

Free will is part of your life no matter if there is karma or not. When you choose a path and you choose to go the opposite of the directions you are given, this can cause bad karma to come to you.

Stopping Karma

You can stop making new karma by living your best life. Do things that are kind and change your mindset to be kind to others.

Life and Karma

Each time you live a new life you will have a certain lesson that you need to learn. You will go through that life and stay in it until you experience the chance to fix the things that you have messed up on.

If you find out that you are in a choice that can hurt someone else, make sure that you are making good decisions so that you can experience better karma in your next life.

Karma sometimes is there to help you to be brave and to help you learn to be more concerned with other people around you. This is how you can make your karma positive and how you can do better things for yourself.

Clearing Past Life Karma

Your karma is something that you will carry with you from lifetime to lifetime and it is something you cannot get rid of, but you can make better karmic choices. You have to resolve bad karma to move forward from it.

Karma happens often with trauma and when you have to face this karma, you might have problems from your soul contracts that are hurtful and painful.

You have to get over these blocks because nothing can get you through them but yourself.

Past Life Regression

Past life karma is a part of your soul and your conscious mind does not remember these things. When you want to know what is going on and you want to heal from your past life, you can do this by getting past life regression.

Doing this can help you to reach your higher self and to connect with energy that was negative and work through it from your pervious life.

These things do not get rid of all of your negative karma and if you were hurtful to others, you still have to pay off that karmic debt, but this will help you to face it from a positive view instead of seeing it as completely negative.

Worrying About Past Life Karma

You need to not worry about past life karma but learn to do the right things in your life. The worse thing that you can do is to worry about the past life karma instead of trying to fix it. Learn to think upon things you have done in your past life and learn to be a better person.

Be motivated to be kind to others and to do better and to reward better things in your future. Be good to others. You don’t have to make this a hard thing but stop focusing on bad things and learn to change your actions around so that you can help people in your present life.

Controlling Your Future

Do you feel that you are in need of some kind of healing and this could be your past life karma? If so, you need to get healing and you can do this by talking to a psychic or a therapist and letting them help you. Some will try to do hypnosis and help you to heal old wounds and others will do what it takes for you to reach your higher self.

Embrace your potential and work to be a better person in your life.