The Tradition of the Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a way to communicate with the spirit world while you are meditating. This is a practice that can be rewarding for people that like to meditate and speak to the spirit world.


Kabbalah is a tradition of the Jewish people that helps to look at the spiritual world. The Zohar is associated with Kabbalah, and it is a text that Shimon bar Yochai wrote that was inspired by the agnel Gabriel. The Zohar tells people about the Torah that was helpful to know things about the Rabbinic and literal things. This can help people to know the secrets that is only available through doing Kabbalah.

Contemplative Kabbalah

Contemplative Kabbalah is also called Kabbalah Lyunit which is one part of Kabbalah that people use when they are meditating and looking to speak to the spirit world. This is a type of Kabbalah that is helpful to speak with the universe from a spiritual source.

When you meditate, you can get visions that can reach into the angelic areas. This is a technique that people use to talk to the angels and other spiritual beings.

Practical Kabbalah

Practical Kabbalah is also called Kabbalah Maasit and is when someone uses incantations to change the world. This is another way of meditating and can help to find the places that are hidden because it reaches peace and harmony.

World of Kabbalah

There are four different worlds in the Kabbalah including:

  • Atzilut which is the World of Emanation, and this is finding your rational self.
  • Briya which is the World of Creation which works with the soul and breathing and physics.
  • Yetzirah which is the World of Formation and helps with the water and wind and soul and works with love.
  • Asiyah which is the World of Action which helps to bring about animals and materials in the world.

If you want to really understand Kabbalah you have to work with all of the four worlds and learn how to experience them in your daily life.

Nature of Jewish Mystical

People that look at Kabbalah want to understand the forms of Jewish Mysticism. This means that they will find people that also have these same kinds of thoughts and beliefs.

These people are monastic and want to find organizations and associations that believe in the same things and sometimes these people will even start their own schools.

These Jewish formed schools will help people to be able to teach things like the Kabbalah and the four worlds to other people that are from generation to generation.