10 Aura Colors in Your Energy Field

Everyone is full of energy and the energy is in everything that you see and touch. The energy that surrounds you is called the aura. The aura is full of colors and can help you to know if you have good health, energy and if you are positive or negative in your life.

The soul has different things that have attached to it such as karma or trauma and this is full of everything in your life that you have experienced.

The energy vibrations are the field of energies that surround you and that you are connected with. If you have an energy vampire that is surrounding you or taking advantage of you, you will have low vibrations. If you are happy and at peace, your vibrations will be high.

You can tell how your energy field is by knowing what you are feeling. If you are negative, then chances are you need to get an aura reading to find out what is going on in your life.

With your aura, you need to know that everything has a vibration and that there are colors that are reflected from your energy field.

This means that even though you might see red, this is really just a wavelength with different colors reflecting and being absorbed.

In order to see your aura colors, you have to allow your eyes to relax and look past yourself in the mirror or the person you are trying to see. Stare until you see colors around yourself or them.

What Colors Mean

The colors all have different meanings and here is what some of them mean:


The read color is part of the root chakra and this can mean you are full of adventure. It can also mean that you want to meet new people and you love trying new things.

People with a red aura often have strong emotions and have a hard time controlling their anger if they are upset.

Red auras mean strength, wellness, and good finances.


Orange is connected with the sacral chakra. Having an orange aura can mean you love people; you love to take care of your group and you love to socialize.

People with this color aura want to help others and are sensitive to the needs of other people. They usually are happy and fulfilled.


Yellow auras are usually connected with the solar plexus chakra. These people are usually independent and work hard. They communicate well and they have many friends.


Someone with a green aura is kind and giving. They have an aura connected to the heart chakra and they are healers. They also might struggle with jealousy and want to be connected to others.


The blue color is connected to the throat chakra. People that have this color aura are generally happy and peaceful. They are wise and are able to read others.

These people are creative and artistic.


A purple aura can connect to the third eye chakra. People with this color are wise and they are very intuitive. They have developed psychic giftings and are advanced in their development.

These people are easy to connect with the divine guides and they want everyone to have a good life. They look towards the future and are magical.


The white aura is connected with the crown chakra and these people are usually newer in their souls.

A person with a white aura has no bad karma and they are reaching their higher self. They have pure divine energy and they are very connected to the spiritual world.


A gray aura means that someone is blocked in their aura. Chances are they have gone through some traumatic event and they need to let go of some things and get rid of their blockages.

This is energy that is needing of healing and the person with this color aura needs to get healed and learn to be unified.


The brown aura can mean that you have bad energies. This is people that are jealous and are unforgiving. These people are absorbing negative energies and are not accepting of others.


A black aura can mean that you are full of fear and worry. This can be one that is full of sadness and grief.

When someone has been sad for a long time, chances are they have a dark aura. This can mean they need healing.


An aura can have many colors and it is important to notice that the colors will change as things get different in life.

Aura colors can be different shades such as dark or light. A darker color can mean things such as power or sexuality where a soft color can mean romance or compassion.

Use your intuition to understand your aura. Relax and allow your colors to show. You might want to see your colors as a certain way but let the spiritual world show you what you are really feeling. When you have feelings, you are sometimes bias, and this can make you not see the true colors of your aura.

Always be open minded when you try to read your aura or the aura of someone else.