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Psychic Source Reviews Exposed! Why They Are Simply A Mediocre? Lot Out To Scam And Fake Psychics


Divination: Is it real?

In an age of divination, mysticism, and supernatural powers, it’s only natural for one to have the urge to seek out fortune tellers when you’re trying to decipher the profound and true meaning of life. Fortune tellers and mediums have for a long time held the key to unlocking life mysteries, and it’s only until recently that a majority of them have begun offering their services online and over the phone. Unfortunately, this has also opened the door to a number of cons and dubious scammers masquerading as online psychic gurus.

My awful experience with Psychic Source.

Personally, for a long time now, I’ve believed in the supernatural and divine realm. So whenever I’m faced with a challenging problem be it spiritual, professional or relationship-wise, I tend to seek the help of a divine medium of fortune teller for advice and counsel. So that’s how I stumbled upon a Psychic Source Reviews forum. From the customer reviews, the service seemed pretty okay, with most ‘customers’ expressing gushing remarks and raving endlessly ( almost ridiculously) about how the mediums from that site had turned their life around for the better. However, I later came to discover that Psychic Source actually posts these reviews themselves! Which makes sense, since there is no way possible that all clients can be content and satisfied with a service no matter how good it is. Even the best fortune tellers in the land always have to deal with negative comments periodically.

Fake past customer’s reviews.

But that day I was feeling quite positive and optimistic. Nevertheless, it was only the previous day that my businesses had suffered a massive loss following a miscalculated financial move. To add salt to injury, my longtime girlfriend had just broken up with me, after repeatedly complaining that I wasn’t ‘committed’ enough to the relationship. Long story short, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind when signing up for their service; otherwise I would have thought twice before clicking that ‘hire medium button.’ Thus, after poring meditatively over some of the fake past customer’s Psychic Source reviews, ( I didn’t know that they were bogus then), I decided to book for a session with one of their ‘mediums’ – They are no real mediums there, be warned!

Unprofessionalism at it’s best.

Typically, what happens in Psychic Source, once you log in into their site, you are immediately directed to a page populated by psychic’s profiles and their accompanying rates.They do not even offer free trial readings. In that page, you can select the ‘medium’ of your choice and book a reading session. That day, knowing too well that most of the time women make better fortune tellers than men, I decided to settle for a middle-aged female psychic. And besides, that day I really needed some motherly pampering, or so I thought. My medium mama went by a funny name, which I can’t even recall. But for the purposes of this review, let us call her Martha. Her rate was about $5 per minute – quite expensive by any standards. But then I remembered that sometimes ‘you get what you pay for’, so I went ahead and deposited $300 in their account for my first session.

Irrelevant questions.

For the first 20 minutes, my Martha medium went ahead to bore me with pointless details of how she was experienced in psychic readings and even how she started reading professionally at the age of only 13. But I wasn’t feeling sentimental that day, so I didn’t interrupt her as she continued lumbering almost to the extent of lulling me to sleep! After realizing that I wasn’t paying much attention, she changed tactics and started bombarding me with irrelevant and useless questions like, ‘ how many teeth do you have? How many times do you shower a day? Are you right or left handed? Do you take coffee before going to bed?” Being the honest man that I am, I answered each of queries truthfully, with the honesty of a priest.

All along I kept asking myself how these questions were even connected to my current predicament, then dawned on me. The scammer was only trying to waste my time with out-of-topic discussions so as to get me to pay more for the service. In fact, she was circling around my problems as if expounding on them, but not giving any clear solution. Mind you, Psychic Source bills clients per minute, so each extra second you spend online is invoiced, and you’re charged for it. After over 45 minutes of irrelevant future talk, I complained that she was taking too long to give me any helpful or insightful reading. Then, I threatened to log out and file a refund for my money.

Change of Tactics.

That’s when she suddenly changed her conniving tactics. First, she said that there was a certain darkness around me and my business, that was related to my relationship with my ex-girlfriend. To prove that she knew what she was saying, she went ahead and mentioned her name aloud -three times! ( I hadn’t told her my ex’s name, but she must have checked out my Facebook profile and made a quick guess).

Nonetheless, I was elated. Finally, there was a ray of hope, and maybe she wasn’t a con after all. That’s what my naivety mixed with desperation told me. On seeing that I had swallowed her bait, she said that since my session was almost over, I had to deposit an extra $400 for an additional or ‘follow up’ session. Since I was very desperate for a reading, I immediately pulled funds from my PayPal account and paid up. She even promised to call me later that night to compensate for the lost time.

Gone missing?

That evening, I waited endlessly for her call, and at around 11 pm, upon realizing that she wasn’t going to call me after all, I decided to call the Psychic Source’ support team and launch a formal complaint and claim a refund. After a few rings, someone answered in a foreign language then hung up almost immediately. Fed up with their unprofessionalism, I decided to go back to the previously mentioned Psychic Source Reviews forum to expose them, by posting my complaint and warning other newbies to stay away from them. But Alas! For some reason, I couldn’t post my review. Apparently, they had banned my IP address from Sourcing their page. That’s when it sunk in -they are just a bunch of con-artists out to make a quick dollar by deceiving unsuspecting believers.

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