Psychic Predictions and Divine Timing

People that go to psychics often want to know when things will happen. People like to know things because they like to be able to plan and make ideas for their life and for their futures. When you ask the question when something is going to happen, you hope to set goals and to reach certain things for your future.

When you want to know when something will happen, you can know that you aren’t the first person to want this. Even in ancient times, people relied on how the seasons changed so that they could live and plant and get food.

In our world, we know that our time is always determined by clocks and by different zones but in the spirit world, there is no time.

What would people do if there, out of nowhere, become no more time and no more calendars to dictate your time. Some believe that dates and times were made so that people could know how and when they progressed through life.

Psychics and Seeing into the Future

Psychics are people that are able to read into the future and see what the outcomes of life are going to be. These people make future predictions, but the predictions come from the spirit world.

The problem with this is that in the spirit world there is no real time. A psychic might see an even that is going to occur in the future, but this can change due to free will or other things. There is divine timing that will happen when the time is right.

Future and Choices

The main thing about the outcome of the future is the choices that you make. With free will, you can make decisions that will make things go faster or cause things to slow down or even come to a stop. Divine timing also determines when things are going to happen. Divine timing is the different spiritual things that happen o bring things to fruition.

When you plant seeds, for example, you see that they grow when the timing is right. A psychic might do a reading for someone that is wanting to get a promotion at work. The psychic might see a promotion with a new position and higher pay, but the psychic will not be able to tell the exact time that this is happening but maybe a timeframe.

Readings and Mindset

The reading will happen and if the woman goes in expecting or impatient for her promotion, this will cause her to start thinking negatively and this can cause the promotion to take longer. This person might even begin doubting what the psychic told them.

Free Will

This was free will for the person to be impatient and to not act the right way and this can cause the promotion to come to a standstill. We are people and we manifest things to our life through our spirit being and the decisions that we make.

Manifesting Positivity

The best way to get something that you are manifesting is to be positive and to create circumstances to make good things happen.

  • What do you really want to happen? This can be something that people struggle with if they aren’t really sure.
  • What do you need to do to make this happen? What can you plan, and do now that will help you to have a better future?
  • What kind of goals do you have and how will you reach them?
  • Did you surrender to the universe or are you being impatient and not doing what you can to be positive?

Divine Timing and the Universe

The universe has divine timing, and you have to realize and accept that it will happen when the universe is ready to make it happen. Divine Law is making yourself ready so that you can handle when events that you want to happen are ready to go.

Tarot Readings

When you get a tarot reading, there are two cards that can help you with perfect timing. The first card is the Lovers card, and this means that you need to be at the right place when the time is right and that you have to have a good reason for being there.

The second card is the Devil card, and this means being in the wrong place at the wrong time and having the wrong reason for being there. You have to understand that the two cards will teach you that you have to wait for the outcome to come for something to not be disappointing. You have to let things grow.


Psychic predictions and timelines have to do with a lot of things, but the thing is that there is near an exact time or date that things are going to happen. It is hard for the human mind to understand this sometimes because divine plan can be confusing.

The spirit is in control of what happens and if you have a life purpose, but you are asking when, then you will miss out on your higher calling and your higher self. You can get what you desire and manifest if you are patient and you give things time to happen.