Numerology and Life Path Numbers

Numbers can tell a lot about your health and if you feel sickly or tired, find out why by using numerology. Numerology can have a special place in different cultures and can help you to understand why you desire things and what kind of talents you have. It can also help you to know who to bond with and who to stay away from.

When you want to know about things, go to a numerology reader and get information about your health and why you are feeling a certain way in your body. Numerology can help you understand your body and mind more.

Number 1

If you have poor heart health or issues with your eyes or your blood pressure, you can eat certain foods that can help you such as ginger, nutmeg, ginseng, lavender, honey, barley, thyme and more.

You need to avoid things such as foods that increase bile.

Always exercise so that you can get rid of stress and anxiety.

Number 2

Your problem area might be insomnia, stress or asthma and you might be nervous.

Eat foods like bananas, turnips, cucumbers, cabbage, flax, melons and plantain.

Avoid emotional stress and try to do things that help you express who you are.

Number 3

The problems you face might include lung and skin problems, diabetes, paralysis, nervous system problems and chest and sore throat.

The best foods for you to eat include almonds, apples, berries, mint and saffron.

Avoid foods such as garlic and ginger or high allergy foods. Exercise on a daily basis to keep down stress.

Number 4

Your problem areas might include depression and cough and cold.

Eat foods such as fruit and eggplants.

Avoid sugar and fighting with others. Learn to find a hobby that keeps you occupied.

Number 5

Some problem areas that out might have are nervousness and skin problems. You may have insomnia and kidney problems as well.

Eat foods such as carrots, oatmeal, parsley, mushrooms, parsnip and rise. Avoid things that cause stress.

Find freedom and change your life and drink a lot of water.

Number 6

Problem areas in your life can be flu, nervousness, lung problems, heart problems and breast problems.

Eat foods such as walnuts, figs, beans, pomegranates and spinach. Avoid sweets and oily and spicy foods.

Do not over exercise and do not be the only one in control, let things go.

Number 7

Some problems you might face are infections, blood circulation, gout and arthritis.

Eat foods such as cucumbers, green tea, flax, apples, watermelon, apricots, ginseng.

Avoid drinking and smoking and stress. Meditate each day so it can help your health.

Number 8

Problem areas might include rheumatism, liver problems, high blood pressure, heart problems, paralysis, legs and ear and teeth problems.

Eat green tea, pine tree nuts, sunflower seeds, sweet peppers, apples, pears, tomatoes and cashews. Avoid fatty foods and being lazy.

Learn to have fun and laugh more.

Number 9

Some problem areas can be lung and kidney problems, throat problems, fevers and chickenpox.

Eat foods such as kiwi, pepper, leek, pumpkin, ginger, cranberry and grapefruit. Avoid greasy foods and oil.

Meditate regularly.


If you want to know what numerology says about your life, learn to read numbers and to find out what they mean. Always meditate on these things and use them to have a better life.