Spirit Animal Meditations

Whether you have already discovered your animal spirits or just seeking out your power animal, meditation can serve as a powerful tool that helps you contact your animal guides. Below are three ways to establish a connection to your animal guide or strengthen it to add value through guidance to your life and its direction. When you use these meditations, or others of your choosing, keep a pen and paper handy to record the encounter. If possible, a journal is the best thing to use. This way you can write down the feelings, sounds, and images while things are still fresh and while your memory is strongest. This can also establish a connection that is similar to lucid dreaming. The more you meet with your animal guide in meditation, the more aware you will be of their presence during a conscious state. This lessens the need for this specific type of meditation. As you explore your spirit animal, remember each has their own characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and personalities.

Before getting started, you need to remember a few things. The first is that the first few times you try, you may not encounter your spirit animal, but do not give up. Respect the spirit animal world and the timing they choose. They are anxious to offer guidance, but they will choose the time. Finally, the steps below are suggestions and meant for guidance, you do not have to stick to them exactly. This is your personal journey.

Meditation for Initial Connection

  • Choose a specific time of day to meditate to train yourself. Keeping on a schedule trains your subconscious to be ready to relax and connect with the spirit world.
  • Make sure you have a calm, relaxing environment where you will not be distracted. This area should be neat and organized.
  • Start each meditation by setting an intention. This is a directive for the subconscious mind and your spirit and your animal totem. Repeat the affirmation to meet your spirit animal to yourself in a way or phrase that makes sense to you. Continue this until in an alpha state of meditation. Be patient.
  • When you stop your meditation, write down what you experienced immediately. This allows are mind to digest things further and offers a point of reference as we interpret messages over time. Record every detail you remember.
  • Take a break after writing and then wait a few hours, or a day before reading it again. Research the animal that is your totem and piece together the characteristics and other details of your animal guide. Over time this will reveal a deeper understanding of the self.
  • Repeat often to gain more knowledge and understanding.

Meditation for Communication

  • Relax the mind and body in a calm, organized environment.
  • With eyes closed, take two long cleansing breaths, focused on your thoughts.
  • Set your intention to speak with your spirit animal.
  • Sit still and remain open to all images, colors, shapes, and such that may become clear. As things are recognized, ask your spirit animal to show themselves. Watch what comes into view, but be patient as your third eye is being used and if you do not regularly meditate this may take a while.
  • When your spirit animal shows up, be receptive, but without preconceptions. It may not be alone or what you were expecting. Watch carefully to see what your animal does and be open to their messages. Focus on details and colors to record when you have finished the meditation.

Meditation for Journeying

  • Relax the mind and body.
  • Close your eyes and take two long breaths, in through the nose, hold, and out through the mouth.
  • Open your third eye and connect with your power animal through images. If you can see the animal in movement, follow it and see where it takes you and any messages it may have. It can take you anywhere.
  • Once connected, tell the animal you want it to take you on a spiritual journey so you can learn more about your soul journey.
  • Remain open and willing to go on this journey. Each animal will be different in how this goes, but pay attention to learn about your journey.
  • Journal about the journey when you are finished meditation.