18 Signs of Soul Fatigue

We all get tired from time to time, but does your exhaustion go deeper than any sleep could fix?  If your soul is fatigued anything can feel daunting.  Thankfully, there are steps you can take today to restore spiritual balance.  Reflective practices like meditation, journaling and mindfulness can be helpful in identifying the cues of a tired soul.  If you are looking for more ways to help heal soul fatigues notice if you are experiencing any of the following 18 signs.

  1. You’re committed to absorbing this list: Something compelled you to click on this article, now you must process these signs to identify ways of getting help for your tired soul.  Knowing others are experiencing feelings like yours can be a huge relief.
  2. Not prioritize self-care: You need to go beyond your daily tasks and give yourself a break occasionally.  Notice if you have been denying yourself a new candle, attending a meditation practice or failed to check out the new vegetarian café.  Now is the time to treat yourself.
  3. Overindulgence: Sometime we spoil ourselves and not realize the full impact of our flights of fancy.  Do you really need to be online shopping every work or eating out every other day?  Perhaps its time to set aside your wallet and check in with yourself to see what your soul really needs.
  4. Frequent breakdowns: Souls are fragile things, and this especially true when we are exhausted.  If you find yourself constantly crying or getting irritable check in with yourself to see why you are feeling so overwhelmed and how you can refine your spiritual self-care practice.
  5. Difficulty meditating: Fatigue can make it impossible to let go of our thoughts.  Before meditating make a to-do list and then set it aside.  Writing things down will help get it out of your head and create space for inner peace.  Try using a guided meditation or a mantra to increase your sense of focus during your practice.
  6. Escaping through social media: The next time you can’t stop checking your Insta feed, consider what you are trying to run from.  Power off the technology devices for at least an hour every day and use that time to observe your thoughts and emotions instead.
  7. Lack of sleep: Notice any patterns of how you may be getting up in the middle of the night.  Often your spirit guides and inner wisdom are trying to speak with you.  Typically, when our souls aren’t able to rest, our physical and mental bodies follow suit.
  8. Lack of follow through: Just as with lack of physical sleep, lack of spiritual rest can negatively impact our school and work life.  Consider setting a timer to help you meet deadlines.  Often, initiating a project is the hardest part.  Focusing on small increments can provide a motivation boost to make sure you complete a project.
  9. Being indecisive: Each day gives us a myriad of choices from what to wear, what to eat, to when to end a task.  If you find even the simplest of decisions are difficult it may be signal your spirit is exhausted.  Take a break and reassess your situation and action steps.
  10. People constantly asking if you are okay: When we are tired, we aren’t present.  Notice the pattern of when people inquiry about your wellbeing.  You may choose to include stimulating scents like citrus or spice to help boos your spirits and ground you.
  11. Long stretches without nature: Unless you are going through a stormy period, you need to try to get outside at least every other day.  Access to nature like feeling the sunrays or a brisk breeze can be reinvigorating to the soul.
  12. Lack of homecooked meals: You need to balance cooking at home with getting takeout.  If you are tight on time, start the week with making a batch of easy to reheat homecooked meals.  When possible, use in-season produce to help strengthen your connection with the earth and raise your energetic vibrations.
  13. Ignoring celestial events that you typically observe: If you love watching an eclipse or meteor shower but have recently been minimizing their occurrence then you might be spiritually out of alignment.  Research the next time an event you enjoy is set to take place and create a plan to integrate the event into your self-care plan for that week.
  14. Endlessly watching the news: We all must be informed, but seeing too many stressful events will drag down your spirit.  Allocate a time of your day to get a synopsis of the day’s events, but know when to step away and do something that will uplift you.
  15. Not communicating with loved ones: Be careful with the amount of isolation going on in your life currently.  If you are frequently declining calls or ignoring texts, it might be a sign your soul is too fatigued to socialize.  Find a healthy balance between alone time and a time to connect with others.
  16. Constantly comparing yourself to others: On social media everyone is always putting out the best possible version of themselves.  Remember the only person you should be worried about pleasing is yourself.  Find ways of showing yourself love every day.
  17. Overly reliant on caffeine: Be honest with yourself about how many shots of espresso or matcha are really needed for your wellbeing.  Caffeine’s stimulating effects for your body are proven, but consider that it’s your soul that needs a boost instead.  Create some time to explore a new hobby, concept or skill.
  18. Your hygiene has gone downhill: How often have you changed your clothes or taken a shower?  When we neglect the needs of our physical body it often is our soul crying out for love and attention.  Next time, forgo the shower and luxuriate in a calming ritual bath and pay mindful attention to yourself as you wash each part of your body.

You can heal from spiritual exhaustion.  Just like our physical body, our spirit has ebbs and flows of energy.  Ensure you create space to check in with yourself every day to see what your spirit is craving and take concrete steps to help healthily fulfilling its desires.