Using Dowsing a Divination Tool

Dowsing is simple, yet accurate psychic tool.  This technique helps provide more insight into Tarot readings or other divination methods, as it simplifies postulated questions and better directs the querant to the best choices available.  You can opt to purchase a pendulum uniquely designed for dowsing or utilize an existing item that radiates positive energy and can be suspended on a length of cord or string.  Also make sure to have journal handy to record the answers your pendulum provides so you can reference them at a later time.

Begin dowsing by holding the pendulum with one hand and enable it easily swing over your other hand, palm up, until the swinging ceases.  It is essential for it to fully stop so you can set the baseline for your answers.  Select simple questions with yes/no answers like “Is my name Dave?” Take note of the direction your pendulum moves.  The direction it moves for this question will be the “yes” answer if your name is Dave.  Allow the pendulum to completely stop before asking a “no” answer like “Is my name Don.”  Notice how the pendulum moves and in which direction.  You might notice a circle pattern in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.  Or you may simple ask “what direction is yes,” notice the movement and direction, and then asking “what direction is no,” and noticing that direction and pattern.  Pay close attention to the results.  Let the methods you select feel natural and never force the pendulum to move.  If it won’t move, ask your inner wisdom to channel your energy into the hand under the pendulum.  This will create the necessary energy to move it and ascertain your answers.

After establishing the yes and no directions, you can now dowse your questions.  Keep in mind with time and practice dowsing will become more natural to you and provide you with more accurate answers.  You can enjoy asking not just questions about the future but certain day dilemmas.  Perhaps you want to know if you are picking the right spot for date, or which nutrient your body requires most.  You can even dowse to measure the distance of a being’s aura.  If the pendulum continues to swing, you are still picking up the subject’s energy field!

Pendulums can help identify chakra blocks by placing the pendulum above energy points in a body.  Notice if it spins, moves, or remains static.  This register the amount of energy flowing in that chakra.  Use appropriate mediations or yoga practices to help balances the discovered spins or lack of movement by the pendulum.  Dowsing also helps you pinpoint the vibrations of a situation or place.  Since your pendulum reacts to changes in energy so easily it is why dowsing it often used to pinpoint water sources!  Enjoy your explorations in dowsing.  It’s a simple, yet powerful psychic tool to develop with many wonderful uses.