Understanding Aura Colors

Aura colors help you identify the quality of energy radiated from a person, being, or object.  They can reveal facets such as one’s core personality, passions, moods, and motives.  One explanation for aura’s presence is they correspond to the electromagnetic energy emitted from a living being.  This can be similar to the vibrational frequencies that are represented in the Law of Attraction as auras as they are easily influenced by your actions and quickly fluctuate based on one’s being and experiences.

The 5 Steps to Read Auras

  1. Awareness of Energy: Allow yourself to get in a balance mindset. Begin with first sensing your personal aura.  Rub your hands together to boost energy sensations.  Then separate your palms and have them face each other.  Do you notice any tingling or magnetic pull?  The energy you notice in this exercise is how you will pick up another being’s aura.  Keep in mind that reading an aura is easiest following meditation, mindfulness exercises, or diaphragmic breathing.  Having a calm and peaceful mind allows you to feel centered and aware of the spiritual or energetic world around you.
  2. Alter your visual scope: Specifically, your peripheral vision is critical. Soften your gaze with narrow, almost, squinting, eyes.  Things may appear slightly out of focus, but you will still be able clearly see.  When looking at a light, you want to see a wider spread of the light across your field.  This is easier to do in bright or natural lit environments.  With time and practice, you will notice these “smudges” in more dim environments.
  3. An array of components: Auras have multiple layers, often up to seven, which are called “auric bodies.” These auric bodies correspond with the seven chakras.  The field closest to the body is connected to your physical wellbeing.  The next field out, the etheric level, relates to self-image.  The third field, the vital level, influences intellect and critical thinking.  The fourth field, the astra level, governs relationships.  The fifth and sixth levels control higher mental acuity and guide you to your true purpose and spiritual abilities.  Lastly comes the intuitive level that serves to connect you to the Universe.
  4. Ability to read others’ aura: Have a friend stand against a white or pale background when they are in a clear and peaceful mindset.  Try to meditate or breathe deeply together prior to the reading to remain focused and present.  Tap into what you notice and you both should journal your experiences to better understand how what you see relates to their spiritual or personal goals.
  5. Seeing colors: Pick a white or pale background and maintain a calm mind. Hold out your hand as far out as possible and soften your gaze.  Notice if you see a mist surrounding your hand.  How many layers does it have and what colors do you see?

Significance of aura colors

There are 11 common aura colors and a few rare ones as well that have increased significance.  Remember the intuitive nature of aura work and honor your interpretations.  The colors of auras are a reliable to ascertain feelings, needs and thoughts for the being encapsulated by the aura.

Yellow Aura

Yellow signifies playfulness and curiosity.  The person may be entering a new life stage or questions aspects they have seen as cornerstones.  It may also reflect a fun, youthful mindset.

Yellow denotes a sense of relaxation and positivity.  If you see yellow consider it a sign that being is healthy and feeling good. Yet, if you see a bright, almost neon yellow, then the being may be fearful of losing control.

Green Aura

Green auras differ based on shade.  A muddy green reflects jealousy, whereas the more common bright mid-green shade signifies healing.  Healing can be either physical or mental depending on where on the body you see this shade.  Green also impacts relationship growth and forward progress.  Typically, green auras occur during a time one is healing wounds and entering a new and better phase of life.

Purple Aura

Purple is the color of spirituality receptivity and awareness.  Frequently, one will see purple auras after a spiritual or meditative gathering, especially if visualizations were used.  People with purple auras can be more open and welcoming of diverse perspectives.  Seeing purple in an aura reflects a time for acute receptivity and open-minded thinking.

Blue Aura

Blue auras also have a variety of shades, but a piercing clear blue governs intuition.  This could be a time of trusting your “gut instincts” or relying more on the heart rather than mind.  People who have a calm, peaceful and balanced mindset often have blue auras.

However, a dark blue aura may indicate being on the cusp of a major life change that one is struggling to process and accept.

White Aura

Although people conflate white auras with innocence, this color is quite complex.  This rare aura is seen in people with a truly actualized sense of self.  So, the purity that one thinks of with the color white is actual more rooted in spiritual purity.  Seeing white in an aura connotes evolving into complete enlightenment, and as such is typically seen in older individuals.

Orange Aura

Orange signifies a connection to one’s personal power.  Depending on location, orange can reflect peak physical wellbeing, or mental strength and increased self-confidence.  Orange also governs creativity, so people with orange auras often are artists in an array of modalities.  Unfortunately, a brownish shade of orange can indicate a person facing addictions like substance abuse, bad habits or ingrained negative behaviors.

Red Aura

Red reflects both action and power.  As the red grows in brightness and intensity, so too does one’s self-value and decisiveness.  Red auras can arise following the purchase of a new home or career shift.  Darker shades of red can arise when a being is holding onto anger or resentment, and can be healed by discussing feelings with the person who has ‘wronged’ them.  Seeing a cloudy red can reflect unaddressed anxiety.

Pink Aura

Pink aura meaning again depends on the hue.  Warm pinks govern matters of the heart such as love.  This love can be romantic or not.  Often new parents will radiate pink auras.  Deep pink may reflect a being obtain a balance of physical, mental, spiritual and self-care needs.

Black Aura

This rare aura arises during time of profound negativity and inertness.  People holding onto resentment can transmit a black aura.  Grief can also produce this color and will be identifying because of regular, yet rapid changes as the being goes through the intense emotional healing process.

Brown Aura

If one is fearful, they will emit a brown aura.  Fear can either be superficial, like after a bad dream, or deeper like anxiety over the unknown or commitment issues.  Spotting brown in the aura calls us to think critical and honestly explore our inner world to see what you are avoiding and why.  Sometimes, thinking objectively about a scary issue can help you manage the situation better and identify ways of solving your problem.

Grey and Silver Auras

Finally, grey auras often signify a blockage.  This could be a call to explore outside your comfort zone, or reinvigorate your life.

Pay close attention if you see shades of silver, which reflect abundances.  You may be about to come into money or enjoying a recent windfall.  In rare instances, silver occurs because of mental richness like feeling seen, supported, and understood by others.