Unlocking the Ability to See Your Aura

Kids possess many spiritual skills that fades as we age.  Luckily, with time and persistence it is possible to relearn those abilities as an adult.  One such gift is the ability to read auras.  Many individuals have vague impressions of remembering seeing a color around a person in their life that others around them could not.  This is a person’s aura and they reflect that individual’s higher spiritual energy.  Auras convey a lot of information and now is a perfect time to relearn this skill with the help our handy guide shown below.

Step 1:  Stand against a neutral-colored wall

Have the person you want to read dress in plain, comfortable clothing and stand against a plain monochromic wall.  If you are trying to read yourself, ideally stand across from a full-length mirror.  If that size mirror is not possible hold a good-size mirror in your hand.  Aura’s show up best against a simple and neutral background.

Step 2: Have proper lighting

Natural daylight is most optimal for aura readings.  Therefore, if your daylight comes from the east, read during the early morning.  If it comes from the west, evening is best.  If daylight is not possible, set the setting with soft lamps and candlelight.

Step 3:  Soften your gaze

When you unfocus your eyes you stop fixating on a specific detail.  When you wait quietly and patiently, staring off into the middle distance, eventually colors will materialize.

Step 4:  Redirect your gaze – then Blink

If you are reading another person, pick a spot on the wall roughly a few feet away from them and wait quietly.  Soon your brain will notice the aura’s colors, but still think it’s looking at the wall.  Commit the colors you see to memory.  If you are still struggling stare at your subject for 30-60 seconds.  Then blink rapidly while staring at the wall behind them.  This typically produces an “after-image” that can assist you in seeing the colors around them with minimal pressure.

Step 5: Record what you saw

As soon as possible write down everything you saw.  Record all the colors you could see and consider drawing a sketch of the subject or use colored pencils/watercolors to accurately reflect the aura you saw.

What aura colors mean

Yellow:  Connotes intelligence and logical thinking individuals.  This person is methodical and thinks critically, but enjoys creativity.  They parlay sparks of inspirations into tangible solutions.  This also reflects their optimistic spirit since that can envision a brighter future and take concrete actions steps to achieve their goals.

Orange:  This person has a warm, receptive spirits, but can be impulsive.  They often act first and think later, but others in their life find it charming.  Orange auras are wonderful to have at parties and any celebrations thanks to their loving, nurturing, and friendly spirit.

Red:  This powerful aura reflects a strong and passionate person.  They are a person that people either love or hate, there is nothing neutral about them!  Common in leaders or power brokers, people with red aura instantly take command of a situation.

Blue:  This peaceful aura is a sign of someone who personifies grace under pressure.  This individual is more introverted, but picks up on even the subtlest of cues or actions around them.  They are spiritual and intuitive with many psychic talents such as aura reading.  This helps them pick up on the pulse of any situation and stay calm, radiating peace, even in a crisis.

Green:  A lover of nature, this person has a healing spirit that is reliable and steadfast like the earth.  They can often be found in the garden or outside, but will instantly come to provide comfort to any person in need.

Purple:  Often a drama queen, purple is the color of royalty and this person probably sees themselves as regal.  Because of their extreme spiritual sensitivities, a person with a purple aura can be fragile in times of uncertainty, but is remain open to any hint of inspiration.  They are often artists and visionaries.

Rainbow:  Anyone who seems to be cloaked in all the colors of the rainbow is a person who is connected to all the facets of the spiritual realm.  Often a gift healer with immense capacity for processing the inner essence of everyone they meet.  Just like a prism they absorb the light of anyone they encounter and reflect it back as the spectrum of colors.

Black:  Be wary of black or incredibly dark shaded auras.  This signifies a negative emotional state such as grief, loss, or trauma.  The individual is absorbing the auras and energies of all those nearby like a black hole.  They require immense support including a cleansing to return to their true aura or else they risk become an emotional drain to all those they encounter.

White:  Finally, be uplifted when you see a white aura as it signifies a truly clean and pure soul.  Typically, a hallmark of babies and very old people near the end of life, this aura may sparkle signifying an angelic being is near.  If you see this aura around an individual in the throws of life, they are being guided by a higher power towards great opportunities.