7 Ways to Listen to Your Angels

Some people think of angels as some fictional beings that are only present in movies and television shows. Others see them as a feathery, unusual creature that roams the heavens and sit on clouds.

For those who believe in angels, these supernatural creatures are meant to serve us. They are warriors fighting in the spiritual realm, guardians over our safety and even messengers sent from God to guide and teach us.

On the last note, angels speak to us daily but we don’t realize it because we aren’t listening. Native American shamans talk about this and list seven ways you can listen to your angels.

  1. Dreams.

Many angels speak to people in dreams because that is easiest. When you sleep, you are open to messages. The problem is you may not remember the dreams. To resolve this dilemma, have a conversation with your angels before you go to sleep and ask them to help you remember.

Keep a pen and notebook by your bed so you can jot down what you remember when you first wake up. That is the best time because you may forget them as the day wears on. It’s a good practice to jot down anything you remember, even if it appears that it isn’t a message. Your memory will improve over time.

  1. Pay attention to feelings and sensations.

Ever feel tingling or the hair on your arm stand up? Maybe feeling a sudden warm feeling or a presence nearby. These sensations could mean an angel is trying to get your attention.

Angels are natural comforters, so they may come closer when you are feeling down, sad or scared. Be sure to thank them for their support and love.

  1. They speak to you.

Angels can and do speak. You could hear a voice. It could be inside your head or even outside of you in your surroundings. Typically, this happens when an angel wants to keep you safe. They may be telling you things like “Don’t leave yet” or “Don’t walk to your car alone” or “Don’t take this road today.”

While it is difficult to believe someone is guiding you by speaking directly with you, this is something that is very real. You may want to cast it aside as a wild imagination, but that would be a mistake. Follow the advice and avoid problems and danger.

  1. Singing or other sounds.

This is a phenomenon many people say they experience. The experience goes something like they hear music or singing when they get quiet. Some hear soft bells or other forms of music.

When this happens, ask your angels to make the audio a little bit louder. Then be still and you may hear it better.

  1. Visions.

Those who are visually minded may see images while meditating or just before you fall asleep. It is also natural to see visions as you go about your tasks throughout the day. These images could be swirls of light, streaks of light or even a glowing figure in your peripheral vision that quickly disappears and you turn directly to it.

Visions aren’t that unusual. Both visions and dreams were common among Old Testament heroes. Jacob wrestled with an angel and Joseph had many dreams of his future and of impending wealth and famine for the land. He also interpreted others’ dreams.

  1. Symbols and signs.

These may be harder to spot because they are more subtle, but your angels could be communicating with you through symbols and signs throughout the day. Most of the time, these are things that are personal to you and are overlooked by others.

It could be things like finding money on the ground throughout the day, or seeing a billboard that speaks to your spirit or someone saying something to you that you need to hear.

How you feel will help you judge whether these are signs and messages from your angels or just a coincidence. Angelic messages come with strong feelings so you should feel a strong feeling that it is meant for you or that someone wants to tell you something.

  1. Helpers

Helpers can come in either human or animal form. They can be anybody or any thing. You may ask your angels for advice and then a co-worker tells you what you need to hear. You may see an animal or have an experience with one to find out later that particular animal is symbolic of something important.

To sum up, your angels have an infinite number of ways they can communicate with you. Your job is to pay attention and listen. As you learn to look for ways they are communicating with you, you will grow in confidence about how to look to your angels for guidance.