Psychic Protection

When you put up your psychic protection, often times you will see yourself in a bubble of light.  Doing this can get you drained of your energy and can be frustrating and tiring.  If this happens to you, chances are you might need to see a medium or a professional spirit guide to help you.

Putting on Protection Too Late

Some psychics believe that you can put psychic protection on too late and that it can cling to your energy and trap in the bad luck.  If there are times that you find yourself feeling upset or overwhelmed by energy that is negative then you put on psychic protection, chances are you are locking in the bad and negative energy that you have.

Protection Steps

There are different steps to putting up psychic protection and you can do this by putting on an armor of light.  Doing this is when you get rid of all of your bad stuff and getting your body feeling and looking better.

You can get all of the dirt and germs off of your skin and firm your skin in the process of cleansing your body.  This will lock the moisture in and make you feel better.  When you do this, it is similar to getting rid of all the dirt and grime in your spirit.  You are wanting to get rid of all of your negative energy and cleansing, toning and moisturizing your spirit can do that.


When you want to protect your energy, you need to get rid of any energy that is left over that is not helping you.  You can take away anything that is attached to you such as a person or an energy and get rid of it.


First, you imagine that there is an energy that is burning away any energy that is negative or attached to you against your will.  You imagine a fire burning you and coming from the earth.  It takes a way anything that is not good for you.  If any energy is based on fear, the imaginative fire will burn away the fear and tun it to love.

You can call on Saint Michael or your angel Michael to help you and protect your energy.  Thank them for what they have done and ask them to bind people or energies that are hurtful or negative.


Toning is so you can firm up your spirit by making the goodness that is there stronger.  This will come with being positive and thankful for things around you.  This will bring in warriors to fight for you.

To tone, you need to say that you are in control of your body and you have to put your foot down with anything negative that is against you.  Let the universe guide you and take care of you.

Remember that you take care of your mind and body and do not have fear but only love.


Moisturizing is when you put on a coating to protect the goodness inside of you.  You can do this by using healing or by using any type of positive steps.

Make sure when you put on your light armor that you are protecting your whole body and what is around you.  Make sure you cover direction within 20 feet of yourself so that you will be safe all around.

To moisturize, you need to declare the light around your whole body and extending 20 feet in all directions.  Imagine that there is light all around you and it can be in any color and that it covers your whole body.

Call on the guides and thank them for what they did for you.


Never forget to do this when you are feeling drained.  It can be done quickly and, in any place,, even a bathroom.  Go into a stall and do the three steps and make sure that your energy is preserved and your soul and body are safe.