These are signs of an angel watching over you

Angels are sent from above to protect, heal and guide us on our journey through life. They give us peace and happiness and are here to ensure we accomplish our life’s mission on earth, of course through their help. Their messages and signs are always out of the ordinary and can be repetitive.

Although angels communicate to us in several ways, you are the expert who should identify what the sign means and how you can apply it to your everyday life.  It is believed that although angels may offer you their guidance, you are free to accept or reject it. They will always respect your decision.

Below are common signs of Angels:

Finding coins

Have you come across the saying “pennies from heaven”? pennies found in unusual places are believed to be signs from Angels telling you that they are here to love and guide you.

At times these pennies may have a personal meaning that relates to something you have been wanting to know in your life. When you come across any of these unexpected coins, it is recommended that you try to remember who or what you were thinking about before came across it.

Finding a white feather

Although any feather is likely to be a sign, white feathers are frequently known to be as “calling cards” of the Angels. When a feather appears in an unexpected place such as in your purse or the shelf in your house, it may be an Angel sign.

A white feather relays a message of encouragement and reassurance. It is a way of an Angel reminding you to keep striving and to let you know that the end of your struggle is near. It may also be reminding you of the fact that you are not alone and that your Angles are just by your side.

Flashes of light

These are those unexpected and unexplained shimmers, sparkles in the corner of your eye.  These unexpected light effects are always considered to be signs of Angel’s presence.


When a rainbow is viewed especially on a clear sky when it hasn’t rained it is frequently thought to be an Angel sign.

Rainbows symbolize hope and encouragement. A reminder that you will eventually come out of a difficult situation if you can endure a little bit longer.

they are also an indication that you should believe in yourself. You have strength, wisdom, and creativity to prosper.

Direct messages

It is believed that Angels can relay detailed messages through texts. For example, you might see a message on a billboard that has a significance to what you have been going through in your life. You are also likely to see the same message in a magazine, or a book.

The feeling of being touched

The touch of an angel can be related to a feeling of a soft brush across your arm or neck, a gentle hug or somebody patting you on your shoulders or back.

At times, you may experience a change in temperature, that’s a sign of an angel. When you feel a sudden warmth when praying or meditating, it may be that your guardian angel is nearby or has moved closer to you.