Is Your Psychic Reading A total Failure?

There are some instances wherein a psychic reading that just seems to be opposite from what makes sense to you right? Did the psychic say things that came from out of left field? Were the names of in-spirit loved ones the medium gave you all wrong?

I think everyone who has ever gone to a reader, has had a reading that just did not “fit”. So, what does that mean? Let’s look at the possibilities. Because there is no one-size-fits-all answer for this.

Here are some thoughts about the reasoning behind goofy readings (please indulge me):

1) Psychic Readers and Mediums are human. Sometimes readers just have a bad day, and nothing “comes in” psychically, or their energy is low. They may be receiving information, but do not realize it is not on mark. If you recognize this (especially if you have had a good session with this reader before), then say so. Let the reader know that you don’t feel the reading is going well, and suggest you reschedule the session for another time. If your reader has integrity, they will probably recognize it and agree with you. .

2) If there was a friend with you during the reading. Your reader might be fine with your friend being there. But sometimes the friend will be a very high-energy person. And it can be difficult to separate the energies. Also, you might really want to have a PRIVATE session, but do not know how to say it. This could create conflicting vibrations. (I always ask the client what they want, “It is up to you if your friend sits in.”) It’s always best to go to your reading independently. If you wish to share the information received later, that is up to you.

3) Your energy might be flowing in an opposite direction at the time (upset, angry, depressed, etc.) You have a responsibility to come to your reading in a positive and relaxed mood. It is very difficult to read someone if they are angry and upset about something. Spend some time meditating or releasing the stresses in your life before you go. You might also ask your reader to lead you through a quick relaxation meditation as part of the session.

4) The reader might not be legitimate. I know it’s hard to believe, but some readers are not really psychic or mediums. They might think so, but they are not well trained in the appropriate way to receive information. They could be getting their information from a very low spirit. Or they might be giving you a scammed reading. If you suspect this, don’t wait until it is over. Do not let them mess around with your vibrations. After 5-10 minutes, you should realize that the session is not going well, or that you have a bad feeling with the reader. Stop the session. Stand up and say you are canceling the reading and will not continue. If you have already paid for it, ask for your money back. Do not apologize (cause it is not your fault). Then leave.

5) The reader can only connect with your energy if you are willing to be open. If you are not really ready to receive what a psychic or medium has to say, then it is not a good time to have a reading. In other words, if you do not want to know the answer, then do not ask the question! Also, do not assume what the answer is. Be open to the idea that the universe might have something better for you.

Lastly, know that you are in charge of your own body-mind-spirit. Pay attention to your own intuition. You know best for yourself. And when you go to a reader (psychic or medium) whatever is given to you should only be used as information to base your decisions. Your life is in your hands — no one else’s. Do not go to readers so that they can tell you what to do. Do not give your power away like that.