Are the brave the true favorites?

Some have had their fortunes told many times. And many times the predictions were different from the previous and the next. Then there’s those who get accurate predictions that they laugh off, until moments after that prediction has come true.

Many predictions can be generic and far reaching so that they can be applied to a wider range of people. Once you reach a certain time of life, everyone goes through similar experiences. These include health problems, lost loves and familial separations.

If these experiences are so generic and predictable, why do people keep going back to seek their fortune?

There is something enticing about the potential of an accurate reading, and there is the temptation that this time, this time it could be right.

Some wander into card or numbers reading as a way to pass the time, only to be given a very generic reading that soon turns into a dire warning. This warning is usually accompanied by the promise that for a small fee, fate could be turned into a positive direction.  This type of fortune telling is  illegal in many places, even though the law is rarely enforced.

It is this type of fortune telling that scares people away. It is actually an opportunity for the vulnerable to be taken advantage of.

Yet some continue to seek help from psychics and advisors. Some visit them as entertainment whilst on vacation.  They go to seek answers and to be entertained.  Yet is when they seek answers that they are at their most vulnerable.

Eventually they may actually find something a bit more normal, a little less mystical and a little more down to earth, and yet this advisor may give the most satisfying reading of all.  This may be due to the fact that you have find the right experience for yourself.  Ethical psychics are out there. They believe in the things that they doing and are more than likely people with an exceptional amount of empathy.  They are also a bit more in touch with their intuition.  They use these attributes to help construct their stories.

People consult these advisors so that they can build meaning in the random chaos of life.  It helps to feel that there is some method to all of the madness.

This madness is soothed by the panacea of purpose.

Most people find their trusted advisors by word of mouth. Others  use a more pragmatic approach and consult the internet or phone books. Either way, it is entirely up to the individual.