Spotting A Fraud Psychic In Less Than A Minute

Can anyone spot fake psychics? Sometimes, we think if it’s all smokes and mirror or that we’re dealing with con artist. Sad but many people aren’t fully tuned into the spirit world, so it can be daunting to trust a psychic when you want to find one.  Many people unfortunately avoid the whole thing because they assume they won’t be able to spot a scam.

People are scared of being cheated, emotionally and financially.  It’s a shame, because legitimate psychics and mediums can help people find peace and clarity. But honestly, anyone who is paying attention can spot fake psychics, and yes, in two seconds flat, even if they have never had a reading before. Spotting fake psychics isn’t as hard as you may think. The reason that intelligent people get scammed by fake psychics is because they are in a vulnerable place in their lives.

They are looking for a solution to their difficult feelings or situations and are therefore more likely to grab at straws—believe anyone who offers a way out of their current, unhappy circumstances.

Nevertheless, being forewarned is being forearmed. Genuine psychics will never:

• Use fear tactics

• Try to manipulate you into coming back for more sessions

• Claim to read your mind

• Claim there is a curse or dark energy surrounding you or loved ones

• Require money to pray for you, work a spell for you or lift a curse

• Tell you the future is 100% certain

• Claim to exert power over Fate

• Give false promises or guarantees

• Ask a lot of leading questions

True Lightworkers will:

  • Be honest, giving you the “good” and “bad” news you need to know, in the most compassionate way
  • Explain how you can lift any negative energy in your life
  • Provide personal information that only you could know to prove their connection with you
  • Give you awesome insight about love and relationships

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the more common scams that fake psychics use to lure people in:

The Curse

This is the easiest scam to recognize and the oldest one in the book. The fake psychic may tell you that there is “dark energy” or a “dark cloud” over you.  Or they might say that your family is cursed.

Fake psychics often use fear tactics to scare you into giving them information they can use to further scam you or to keep you coming back for more (expensive) sessions.

These frauds love to string people along, session after session, to increase their power over people and to milk them for as much money as possible.

Phony psychics will often use props such as white candles or eggs that will “absorb” the curse or dark energy from you.

The Questioning Psychic

Fake psychics may ask a great many questions. This is the way they can learn just enough about you to devise a plausible “reading” that you will believe.

They also may ask you leading questions to get you telling more than you had planned on, and then use that information to “read” your situation.

The “Yes Man” Psychic

The opposite of using scare tactics is when a false psychic tells the person only what they want to hear.

“Seeing” love, money, promotions, and the like are things most everyone wants more of in their lives, so fake psychics will sometimes use these as a way of keeping someone coming back for more “happy endings.”

True psychics tell the good, the bad and the ugly so that you have the information you need to act.

The Approaching Psychic

If a psychic approaches you on the street to do a reading, think “stranger danger!”

Legitimate psychics don’t randomly approach people; they know that for a reading to be helpful, the person must be ready to hear it.

Usually, a psychic who approaches you will use fear tactics to get money from you.

If a psychic approaches you, tell them you’re not interested. You are much better off finding a psychic yourself.

The Promising Psychic

Psychic frauds may tell you that they can heal your ailments. A red flag that the psychic is bogus is if he or she promises that you will be healed.

Another popular trick is the promise of good fortune or love. These fakes hone in on the human condition of needing to be loved and happy. But no one can change someone else’s will.

We all have control over our own lives and actions, and no one can make us do something we don’t want to do, like fall in love with someone.

Scary Email

Remember those chain text messages or Facebook posts that say something like: “This Friday, the person you love will give you a kiss at 10 p.m. under the full moon. To make this come true, you must send this to 10 people, never the same person twice. If you don’t, bad luck will fall on you for seven years” or some such nonsense?

The scary psychic email is pretty much the same. You may get an email in your inbox that says a psychic has important information for you about yourself or a deceased loved one.

It is highly unlikely that the person has divined something from spirit.

In fact, this is a similar scam to the fake psychic who approaches you on the street… except this one comes at you from the digital realm! after all that scamming and trickery, we have to wonder: are psychics and mediums even real? Or is it all just smoke and mirrors and con artists?

Fortunately, there are real psychics in the world who do ethical, professional work in order to actually help people. 

And of course, always remember to trust your gut!

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