Signs of a Past Life

This is not necessarily your first lifetime on earth, especially if you feel like an old soul, sometimes aware of a past life. Even though you feel a past life, you may not want to invest time in an extensive mediation to learn more, so you find clues. These clues are inside you, even if you do not remember, because your soul does.

These clues are just waiting to come out so you can figure out what they mean. Once you have the clues, you can do further work into accessing and remembering your past lives. Regression and meditation can help. This article will share signs you have had a past life so you can piece together a history, identity, and journey.

Drawn to a Specific Time Period

One big clue that this is not your first life is that a specific time and place has drawn you over time. This may be a place you have never been before, but you are obsessed with the time and happenings. This is a clue. Why else would you be drawn to one time period over another. Don’t dismiss the feelings as just a passing interest, it is a clue to having been there before.

Drawn to a Geographical Location

If you have ever felt connected to a specific area, like the Scottish Highlands, even though you have never visited, then it is a sign of a past life spent in that area. Your soul is offering you a clue if you choose to listen. Even if you do not remember specific details about the reincarnation, your soul is calling out clues. Some people even live multiple lives in the same area. This can be pieced together over time.

Flashes of Your Past

Some people think past lives will come back like a flood, all at once, but this is not accurate. You are more likely to get flashes in your mind’s eye so it is easier to handle. This is like a summary of a past life, not the entire book.

To encourage these flashes, clear your chakras and maintain a clean energy. This can affect clairvoyant abilities. The scene is often unrelated to what you are doing or thinking at the moment. A strong third eye chakra can speed up the images, so this is a good place to start.

Familiar Challenges

We often have key lessons we need to learn in life and these themes follow us across lifetimes. These challenges may feel familiar which may mean you have faced them in a previous life. Not all the information from a past life comes from visions, sometimes, you simply know. This is called claircognizance.

Some of the roles we will play across lives will be replayed multiple times. This will keep happening until we master them and overcome whatever the challenge may be.

Feel it in Your Bones

Some lives are extremely significant and leave marks on the soul. Even without visions or real memories, you may feel echoes from the past that cannot be ignored. Sometimes you just simply know things, without explanation.

Though meditation and regression, you can piece together your past life if you want to know more.